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Your Body has a Still-Point, an Inner Knowing of what it needs to feel better and to be healthy - This is the Philosophy I work by - Petra Reich

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Petra Reich

Bowen & Remedial Massage Therapist, Kinesiologist

Bachelor of Health Science, Clinical Myotherapy, Final Year

Bowen Therapy is a remedial soft-tissue technique that affects musculoskeletal and neuro-muscular health.

My name is Petra
and my passion is bringing muscles back to balance.
Your body is designed to feel good, relaxed and aligned...

The way our bodies and our muscles feel affects how we feel every day.
When our muscles are aligned and balanced, if old injuries are addressed and when we feel connected to our bodies, life flows much easier.

You will walk away from your session with more ease, clarity and feeling more balanced.

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Bowen Therapy = Muscle Therapy

Lasting Pain relief

Ease of muscle tension

Stress Relief

Less Anxiety

Alignment and better performance

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Prue C., Preston

I wholeheartedly recommend Petra.
She is a highly skilled practitioner who gets to the heart of what's really going on with your body and mind.
I have had such great results since I've started seeing her. Thankyou Petra!

Thank you Petra for an amazing Bowen Therapy session, not only do you have the ability to read whats going on with the body, you were able to release the tension in my muscles. I can highly recommend Petra if you are after a therapist who stands out from the rest. Thank you again Petra!

Petra T., Altona


I visited Petra today in desperate need of remedial massage when I missed out on an appointment at my usual therapist.Having never tried Bowen Therapy before, I was hopeful after reading other reviews. I’ve had remedial massage, osteopathic treatments, physio, acupuncture, dry needling, cupping, and acupuncture.I am the type of person who likes very firm pressure from massages. If it hurts, I feel like it is working and I get frustrated if I am having a light massage as it might as well be a tickle.Petra took the time to explain how Bowen works, though it feels gentle it is effectively rebooting, resetting and calming your nervous system.Halfway through my therapy session, I was a convert. I felt my entire body relaxing to a state I had not thought possible. I felt the tension disappear from my fraught, frazzled, tight muscles into a calm but curiously gently buzzing state.I felt so relaxed that I almost fell asleep. Everyone’s comments about Petra are spot on. She is a magician - I cannot wait for book again. If I could give 6 stars I would.

Jae Y., Fitzroy


Bikram Yoga Fitzroy, Owners

Petra works within our Bikram Yoga Studio in Fitzroy, as a Bowen therapist. Over the many years that I have worked myself as a Bikram teacher and chiropractor, I have visited many massage therapists. Every person has displayed their own unique ability to adapt their therapeutic skills to help in their own unique way. Petra is another such therapist and both my wife and myself have consulted many times with her. We both greatly appreciate her healing skills and innate ability to read and understand each individual's unique physical, mental and emotional circumstances and provide an appropriate therapeutic solution. We happily recommend her to our students within our studio and friends outside.



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Emily B., NZ

I highly recommend Petra! She is a very intuitive and knowledge practitioner. And I always have good results when I see her for Bowen Therapy.