Back Massage

About Me

My passion is bringing bodies back to balance

Your body is designed to feel good, relaxed and aligned...

The way our bodies and our muscles feel affects how we feel every day.

When our muscles are aligned and balanced, old injuries are addressed and we feel connected to our bodies, life flows much easier.

As a Bowen therapist, my aim is to help your body re-align itself, reduce physical tension and help the nervous system create more ease and flow.

My passion is to re-connect you with your muscle's and your body's own healing power.

As we physically store many old stresses and patterns in our bodies, during a Bowen session, people often realize that their stress levels, a cluttered mind and anxiety affect how their bodies feel.

A balanced mind creates space for new perspectives and a new sense of awareness, once your nervous system is cleared from old patterns and neural connections that no longer work for you.


Bowen can create a sense of stillness and balance in the mind to help you access your body’s full potential.

You will walk away from your session with more ease, clarity and feeling more balanced.


Petra is an accredited member of the Myotherapy association Australia.

Treatments are eligible for private health fund rebates

Bowen Therapist, Dip. SMART Bowen

Remedial Massage Therapist, Dip. Southern School of Natural Therapies

Kinesiologist, Dip. ACCM

Bachelor of Health Science in Clinical Myotherapy, student, final year