KINESIOLOGY with your BOWEN treatment

"As long as you think that what you're looking for is outside of yourself, it will never be enough " - Ram Dass

Kinesiology is mind-body therapy which uses muscle testing to bring your body, mind and energetic system back in touch with each other.

Whilst Bowen therapy uses deliberate moves to affect the soft tissue structures of the body, it also has an effect on the nervous system, our bridge between body and mind.

Old patterns and pathways can impact our experience of pain and discomfort and can hold us back from living our lives to its full potential.

Kinesiology uses gentle techniques such as acupressure, flower essences or essential oils to connect you back with your inner guidance and empower the body's own healing ability.


"Our body has a still-point. An inner knowing of what it needs to feel aligned, balanced and healthy."

This is the philosophy I work by - Petra

Image by Darius Bashar