Hi, my name is Petra

...and I have the strong belief in our body's healing ability and trust that there is a connection between our body and the life we are here to live. You can fall in love with your body again.

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My Story

Growing up in Munich, Germany, I always dreamed of living abroad and I spent over three  years living in Canada before I moved to Australia.

It was during my time in Canada that I noticed that there was more to life than constructing a perfect resume for a hospitality career that did not feel fulfilling. I did however find fulfilment in many other things during this time, I discovered many of my strengths, my love for nature, healthy food, a healthier lifestyle and a nourishing beautiful environment.

Driven to make use of my regained freedom of choosing to learn and live what feels right to me I made a list of all the things I wanted to learn about and find a modality I could study that incorporated some of them.

Looking back at this list now, so many years later, I am always amazed that all of these things play a role in how I use my skills today.


Whilst I am by no means a physically perfectly aligned person I have learned to listen to my body's messages, needs and capacities. Being a tall woman I have many challanges with my neck's osteoarthritis and the challenge to maintain good posture.


But without striving for perfection I have never felt more comfortable and happy in my body. I have an innate feeling of gratitude for my body's healing abilities no matter if I'm struck down by a cold or the bathroom scale shows me astronomical digits.


I have realised that feeling in flow and operating with less background noise made up of fears, inadequacies and self-sabotaging chatter has made life much more enjoyable.


It’s not about being happy and feeling in flow or at ease once you get somewhere or once you have achieved a certain goal. Life has become more about being happy and content right where I am now.


Once you have established a steady baseline, you have released a lot of old conditioning and old patterns from your muscles and tissues you can even face challenges with more ease.


I can honestly say that after seven years since learning kinesiology and five since studying Bowen therapy and many sessions and experiences later, both modalities have helped me stay true to my path. Bowen and kinesiology are an invaluable tool to relieve stress or pain and access your body’s innate wisdom and lead a happier, healthier life.


You can make bookings online or you can connect with me if you have any questions.